Pre-Employment Form

Minimum Qualifications
  • High school diploma or GED, or one to three years of equivalent experience/training
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Customer-service oriented
  • Safety-oriented
  • Knowledge of traffic laws, rules, and regulations
  • Able to read maps and road signs
  • Must be able to communicate in English orally and in writing.
  • Knowledge of basic math
  • Valid driver license
  • Acceptable driving record meeting Finish Line Charter standards,
    verified through a current Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
  • Able to pass a criminal background check
  • Able to pass a D.O.T. level physical and drug test
  • Able to lift/manipulate up to 50 pounds
  • Able to sit for long periods of time, up to 10 hours
  • Able to walk, stoop, and bend at the knees
Commercial Driver License Information
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Points: [Required]
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Voluntary Identification
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Black and African-American
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Hispanic or Latino
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
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